Illustrated Pocket Guide to Clinical Medicine, 2nd Edition

by Charles D. Forbes, Jackson, William F. Jackson
  • Soft Cover
The Illustrated Pocket Guide to Clinical Medicine is designed to complement Forbes & Jackson's Color Atlas and Text of Clinical Medicine 3rd Edition or any other textbook of clinical medicine. Containing 525 superb color photographs it is an essential tool for use during clinical practice. This book is a portable, visual guide to the most important presenting signs you will see in clinical practice, well-indexed to help you easily reach a diagnosis. 525 full color illustrations aid visual recognition Pocket-sized, diagnostic reference - handy to carry around Easy-to-follow reference guide to the most common clinical disorders
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ISBN: 9780723433668
Publisher: Mosby
Publication Date: Jan 7, 2004
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 200
Weight: 0.300 kg
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