Human Disease for Dentistry, 1st edition

by Farida Fortune
  • Softcover


As a GDP I found this to be a helpful textbook, with easily accessible information that achieved its objective and would certainly complement other texts on the subject. Dental Update

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Human Disease for Dentistry will help the dental student to understand the manifestations of human diseases and disorders and the diagnostic services used in their investigations and treatment. Many medical conditions of other systems manifest themselves in the mouth, and dental students are expected to recognize these symptoms as well as to understand the causes and the underlying condition. This book covers these areas specifically for dental students, highlighting the conditions which are most important to the practicing dentist.
The book will assist the student in recognizing problems in the medical history of patients about to undergo dental treatment and will encourage them to take appropriate action. Written in an innovative style with numerous key points and clinical cases throughout, the book provides the necessary information to provide first rate dental treatment and advice to patients.


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ISBN: 9780192631633
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: Jan 10, 2004
Cover: softcover
Pages: 420
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