Handbook of Orthodontics Text and Evolve eBooks Package

by by Martyn T. Cobourne, Andrew T. DiBiase
  • Soft Cover

Richly illustrated and in full colour throughout, the new Handbook of Orthodontics presents the subject of orthodontics in an accessible, easy-to-read manner. Whilst maintaining a strong clinical focus throughout, this new volume provides the reader with a firm understanding of the problem of malocclusion and its management and addresses the controversies in modern orthodontics by taking an evidence-based look at current clinical practice. The book also presents a clear explanation of the basic sciences of relevance to the orthodontist, including an up-to-date look at craniofacial development, growth and syndromic conditions that affect this region. A Handbook of Orthodontics is therefore an excellent introduction to the subject of orthodontics and is particularly suitable for final year dental undergraduates, postgraduate students, general dental practitioners with an interest in the field and orthodontic therapists. •Offers comprehensive coverage of clinical orthodontics, from diagnosis and treatment planning through contemporary removable and fixed appliances to cleft lip and palate •Helps the reader develop a critical approach to the different philosophies of treatment by addressing controversies in orthodontics and looking at current clinical practice in an evidence-based manner •Covers the scientific basis of orthodontics in detail with particular focus on embryology, craniofacial development, growth and the biology of tooth movement •Numerous clinical examples clearly illustrate the theory described •Succinct writing style and rich use of pedagogy - almost 400 illustrations and tables together with ‘pull-out boxes’ – to help make learning easy •Ideal for use as a textbook or as a reference manual •Suitable for senior dental students, postgraduate trainees and residents in orthodontics

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ISBN: 9780723435952
Publisher: Mosby
Publication Date: Jan 2, 2010
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 424
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