Excercises in Oral Radiology and Interpertation, 4tht Edition

by Robert Langlais
  • Soft Cover
An effective study tool for mastering radiography, this valuable question-and-answer book reinforces integral skills including film handling, exposures, and clinical technique. Featuring more than 730 new images, this fourth edition has been expanded to include a broader scope of material, as well as more practice opportunities for answering questions and preparing for examinations. New topics include the coverage of errors seen in radiographs, intraoral and panoramic digital imaging, and infection control/radiation health. A comprehensive review for national and state board examinations is also provided. *Content helps readers learn to recognize and correct errors seen in panoramic radiographs, as well as errors made in film handling and processing. *The basic concepts of panoramic digital imaging and intraoral digital imaging are presented to provide a review of digital image techniques and processing. *Discussions on radiation health reflect current standards and practices to help identify radiologic and infection control procedures for patient and operator protection. *Clinical photographs and questions include the coverage of normal anatomy, intraoral and panoramic clinical technique errors, infection control, and radiation protection. *Many case-based questions have been added to enhance critical thinking and provide a real-life component to text content. *Goals and Learning Objectives are listed for each part, so readers can keep track of areas that require more review. *New figures illustrate the key features more concisely.
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ISBN: 9780721600253
Publisher: Saunder
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1900
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 400
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