Essentials of General Surgery, 5th Edition

by Richard M. Bell, Merril T. Dayton, James C. Hebert
  • Paperback

For nearly 25 years, medical students and faculty alike have chosen Essentials of General Surgery and its companion textbook, Essentials of Surgical Specialties, for authoritative coverage of surgical information that every physician in training should know. The Fifth Edition incorporates current research from the field; new sample questions, answers, and rationales; and new tables and algorithms. A new art program presents concepts and images—including an Appendix with 50 burn images—in full color for optimal learning and retention.

Why is this textbook so popular?

- With its overview of anatomy, physiology, and coverage of pertinent complications for each case, the text prepares students for the NBME shelf exam for surgery, as well as residency training.

- The authors—all of whom are practicing surgeons—carefully manage the depth and breadth of content so that each section can be reasonably read and thoroughly understood by third- and fourth-year students.

- Organized by systems, the text features a closing section on surgical procedures to orient students to some of the most common cases seen on a general surgery rotation.

With your purchase of the text, you’ll receive access to:

Interactive question bank with answer explanations

· Fully searchable eBook

· Bonus chapters on ethics and surgical procedures

· Image Bank

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