Essential Clinical Anatomy, 5th Edition, Internationa dition

by Keith L. Moore, Anne M.R. Agur, Arthur F. Dalley II
  • Paperback

Essential Clinical Anatomy, Fifth Edition presents core anatomical concepts in a concise, student-friendly format. The text includes the hallmark blue Clinical Boxes, as well as surface anatomy and medical imaging features. It is an ideal text for shorter medical courses and health professions courses with a condensed coverage of anatomy.

Essential Clinical Anatomy, like the authors’ more comprehensive text, Clinically Oriented Anatomy, receives global acclaim for the relevance of its clinical correlations. The book emphasizes anatomy that is important in physical diagnosis for primary care, interpretation of diagnostic imaging, and understanding the anatomical basis of emergency medicine and general surgery.

The 5th Edition features:

A NEW AND IMPROVED ART PROGRAM: Illustrations have been redrawn in a modern, updated style that enhances student understanding of key concepts
CLINICAL BOXES: Renowned “blue boxes” highlight information on pathology, anatomical variation, trauma, the life cycle, surgical procedures, and diagnostic procedures
SURFACE ANATOMY AND MEDICAL IMAGING: Chapters include surface anatomy and imaging sections to enhance clinical and diagnostic knowledge
INTERACTIVE REVIEW QUESTIONS: Prepare for board and class exams with online review questions at

The book contains predominantly color illustrations, with some black-and-white illustrations.

Table of Contents

Preface to Second Edition
Preface to First Edition


Introduction to Clinical Anatomy 1
Approaches to Studying Anatomy 2
Anatomical and Medical Terminology 4
Integumentary System 5
Skeletal System 10
Muscular System 20
Cardiovascular System 26
Lymphatic System 32
Nervous System 32
Medical Imaging Techniques 48


Thorax 51
Thoracic Wall 52
Thoracic Cavity and Viscera 70


Abdomen 118
Abdominal Cavity 119
Peritoneum and Peritoneal Cavity 139
Abdominal Viscera 144
Thoracic Diaphragm 185
Posterior Abdominal Wall 192
Medical Imaging of Abdomen 204


Pelvis and Perineum 209
Pelvis 210
Pelvic Cavity and Viscera 222
Perineum 252


Back 275
Vertebral Column 276
Muscles of Back 292
Spinal Cord and Meninges 301
Medical Imaging of Back 311


Lower Limb 314
Bones of Lower Limb 315
Fascia, Vessels, and Nerves of Lower Limb 324
Organization of Thigh Muscles 333
Gluteal Region 345
Posterior Thigh Muscles 352
Popliteal Fossa 354
Leg 360
Foot 371
Joints of Lower Limb 379
Medical Imaging of Lower Limb 403


Upper Limb 405
Bones of Upper Limb 406
Superficial Structures of Upper Limb 417
Anterior Thoracoappendicular Muscles 422
Posterior Thoracoappendicular and Scapulohumeral Muscles 425
Axilla 431
Arm 442
Forearm 450
Hand 465
Joints of Upper Limb 479
Medical Imaging of Upper Limb 495

Head 498
Cranium 499
Face 506
Scalp 514
Cranial Meninges 516
Brain 524
Orbit 530
Temporal Region 545
Temporomandibular Joint 552
Oral Region 554
Pterygopalatine Fossa 568
Nose 572
Ear 578
Medical Imaging of Head 589

Neck 592
Fascia of Neck 593
Superficial and Lateral Neck Muscles 595
Triangles of Neck 598
Deep Structures of Neck 612
Lymphatics of Neck 616
Viscera of Neck 618
Medical Imaging of Neck 640

Review of Cranial Nerves 643
Overview of Cranial Nerves 644
Olfactory Nerve (CN I) 650
Optic Nerve (CN II) 652
Oculomotor Nerve (CN III) 654
Trochlear Nerve (CN IV) 655
Trigeminal Nerve (CN V) 655
Abducent Nerve (CN VI) 655
Facial Nerve (CN VII) 658
Vestibulocochlear Nerve (CN VIII) 661
Glossopharyngeal Nerve (CN IX) 662
Vagus Nerve (CN X) 664
Accessory Nerve (CN XI) 666
Hypoglossal Nerve (CN XII) 667
References and Suggested Readings 670
Index 671

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