Dermatology: 2-Volume Set, 4th Edition

by Jean L. Bolognia, Julie V. Schaffer, Lorenzo Cerroni
  • Hardcover

The future of dermatology is here!


Easier to access; easier to use, digest and retain; and more clinically relevant than any other dermatology text available on the market today, this groundbreaking new text-reference has been designed to meet the needs of the dermatologist of the 21st century. Dermatology, edited by Jean Bolognia, Ronald Rapini, Joseph Jorizzo and an outstanding international Editorial Board, employs the proven educational features of a modern textbook and combines them with tight editorial control to provide the highest standards of consistency and clarity.

Dermatology contains over 3000 four-color photographs and illustrations, each chapter follows a consistent format to ensure presentation of information in a logical and succinct way, and there is focus throughout on the clinical considerations and issues facing dermatologists in their everyday practice. The book offers an integrated basic science course at a level relevant to trainee and practicing dermatologists’ needs.

Anyone who wants to improve the care that they provide to patients with dermatologic diseases will benefit from this remarkable new book.

  •    Written by over 255 international leaders in the field.
  •    Reflects modern practice with two sections on dermatologic surgery.
  •    Covers pediatric dermatology, dermopathology, and basic science which are needed to pass the boards.
  •    Features over 3,000 full-color photographs and line drawings.
  •    Uses colorful graphs, algorithms, and tables to explain difficult concepts and to aid in understanding.
  •    Begins each chapter with a summary box for a focus on key issues.
  •    Color-coded pages for quick access to information.
  •    Focuses on the clinical aspects of dermatology and only includes "need-to-know" basic science.
  •    Contains key references which serve as a gateway to internet searches for the current literature and references to primary papers.
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ISBN: 9780702062759
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Publication Date: Nov 1, 2017
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