Color Atlas of Dental Implant Surgery, 3rd Edition

by by Michael S. Block, DMD
  • Hard Cover
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Use this atlas-style guide to master implant procedures and techniques! Written by leading expert Michael S. Block, DMD, Color Atlas of Dental Implant Surgery, 3rd Edition provides clear, full-color clinical photos and practical instructions covering a wide range of implant challenges. It takes you through treatment planning, presurgical guidelines, detailed surgical techniques, and postoperative follow-up. This edition adds more case studies, coverage of computed tomography, and a new DVD with videos of 14 surgical procedures filmed by the author. With this book, you’ll be able to address any implant-related situation and achieve optimal results! A companion DVD includes illustrations from case studies plus 14 videos of procedures: Horizontal ridge augmentation using tunneling technique Posterior mandibular vertical augmentation using interpositional osteotomy Horizontal ridge augmentation using particulate graft with membrane CT guided maxillary surgery Laser assisted intraimplant site sinus elevation surgery Sinus augmentation using BMP and laser assistance Placement of implants into the augmented site 6 months after the BMP graft Piezotome assisted premolar extraction with immediate implant placement Placement of implant in compromised central incisor site Extraction with immediate implant placement CT guided surgery for central incisor with custom healing abutment CT guided anterior maxillary surgery with immediate provisionalization Palatal approach for implant placement Anterior maxillary interpositional osteotomy for vertical ridge augmentation Guidelines for CT imaging help you to accurately assess vital structures and discover bone shape and height, resulting in a more precise treatment planning sequence, including coverage of planning for a fixed prosthesis, immediate provisionalization in a patient with teeth, assessing bone prior to implant placement, immediate provisionalization using a CT-generated guide stent, angling implants to avoid the inferior alveolar nerve, and more. New, cutting-edge techniques/procedures with photo sequences include: the use of fibrin glue to augment ridge width with an open approach, angled implants as an alternative to sinus grafting, laser-assisted intraimplant site sinus elevation surgery, zygomatic implants to support a nasal/maxillary prosthesis, strategies for maintaining the facial gingival margin when extracting and replacing an anterior tooth in the maxilla, the use of model-based surgery for guided implant placement, and many more. Immediate Provisionalization of Implant Restorations chapter covers single-tooth implant restorations and multi-unit restorations. Adds coverage of immediate placement of implants at the time of tooth extraction. Discusses critical factors for esthetic central incisor implant restorations. Covers immediate loading of the edentulous mandible with provisional and final restorations, and discusses augmentation of the thin ridge using particulate materials, providing the patient with complete restoration of function within minutes of implant placement. Covers the use of distraction osteogenesis for severely atrophic anterior maxillary sites and treatment of anterior maxillary atrophy with onlay grafts for fixed prosthetics, to restore the patient with severe maxillary defects and create the soft tissue needed for bone graft and later implant placement. Discusses new technique for bone morphogenetic protein for sinus augmentation, so patients may have recombinant BMP placed with bone formation allowing implant placement, without the need for morbid autogenous bone harvesting or the use of allografts or xenografts. Covers extraction site protocols to reconstruct and preserve bone bulk in anticipation of implant placement, offering methods for grafting the extraction socket to allow for ideal implant placement at a later time.
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ISBN: 9781437708776
Publisher: Saunder
Publication Date: Jan 4, 2010
Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 480
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