Clinical Short-Answer Questions for Postgraduate Dentistry

by St. John Crean, Zarina Shaikh, and Liam Addy
  • Hard Cover

Postgraduates who wish to pursue specialist training in the United Kingdom are required to take an oral exam for Membership in the Faculty of Dental Surgery (MFDS). This book prepares candidates for the topics that will be covered and the level of knowledge that will be required. It consists of a series of clinical cases that are used to demonstrate the various ways in which several different sets of sample questions may be developed from a single clinical case scenario. Questions are framed to reflect the short-answer format of the oral exam and to emphasize the need for candidates to develop well-rounded knowledge of the clinical information presented. References are provided where applicable to highlight the need for evidence-based answers at the postgraduate level. An essential resource for those preparing for the MFDS exam or for the Membership of the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners (MFGDP) exam, which draws upon the same general body of knowledge. Contents Part I Case 1 Wound healing Case 2 Sore tongue Case 3 Radiolucency of the mandible Case 4 Mandibular radiolucency Case 5 Parotid swelling Case 6 Submandibular swelling Case 7 Dental trauma Case 8 Diabetic patient Case 9 Recurrent oral ulcers Case 10 Dental pain Case 11 Lip lesion Case 12 Toothache Case 13 Dental pain Case 14 Complications of unerupted teeth Case 15 Facial trauma Case 16 Sore gums Case 17 Mandibular radiolucency Case 18 Dental trauma Case 19 Dental pain Case 20 Xerostomia Case 21 Retained roots Case 22 Facial sinus Case 23 Chance findings on an OPT Case 24 Sore mouth Case 25 White patch Case 26 TMJ problems Case 27 Facial pain Case 28 Facial laceration Case 29 Facial deformity Case 30 Lump on the lip Case 31 Mandibular radiolucency Case 32 Dental pain Case 33 Radiographic radio-opacity Case 34 Lump on tongue Case 35 Facial trauma Case 36 Oral ulcers Case 37 Oral cancer treatment Part II Question 1 Implant options in the edentulous patient Question 2 Resin-retained bridgework Question 3 Implant aesthetics Question 4 Laminate veneer preparations Question 5 Management of the discoloured tooth Question 6 Non-vital bleaching Question 7 Gingival recession and periodontal splints Question 8 Management of palatal toothwear Question 9 Management of gingival recession Question 10 Partial dentures and free end saddles Question 11 Management of the perio-endo lesion Question 12 Tooth discolouration Question 13 Edentulous ridges Question 14 Gingival enlargement Question 15 Fibre posts Question 16 Painful gums Question 17 Fluorosis Question 18 Crown preparations Question 19 Complex denture cases Question 20 Root-canal treatment Question 21 Infective endocarditis and restorative dentistry Question 22 Designing dentures Question 23 Toothwear and dentures Question 24 Toothwear and composites Question 25 Dentine bonding

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