Browse's Introduction to the Symptoms & Signs of Surgical Disease 4th Edition

by Norman L. Browse, John Black, Kevin G. Burnand, William E.G. Thomas
  • Softcover

The fourth edition of this essential textbook has been fully revised and updated to ensure it continues to meet the needs of all those learning the principles of surgical examination.

Together with Sir Norman Browse, the three new authors bring their specialised knowledge and experience to complement the book's much-praised clear, didactic approach and broad insight into the principles of surgery in general. The authors have updated all chapters in line with current developments, paying especial attention to 'Muscles, tendons, bones & joints', and to 'The breast', where the terms describing benign breast disease and the classification of cancer staging have been fully revised.

The book's numerous illustrations have also been fully revised, with many new photographs showing the more subtle surgical signs and demonstrating new approaches to surgical examination. In addition, there is greater emphasis on the doctor-patient relationship and patient confidentiality.

•Fully revised and updated, with chapters on 'Muscles, tendons, bones & joints' and 'The breast' completely re-worked
•Over 500 halftones, the majority of which are new to this edition
•New page design presents revised text and illustrations clearly and attractively to aid understanding and memory.
•Three additional and new generation authors with complementary surgical and teaching experience

Table of Contents:
Preface to the first edition
Preface to the third edition
Preface to the fourth edition
History taking and clinical examination
The symptoms, signs and emergency management of major injuries
The skin and subcutaneous tissues
Muscles, tendons, bones and joints
Conditions peculiar to the hands
Conditions peculiar to the feet
The arteries, veins and lymphatics
General and facial appearance
The salivary glands
The mouth
The neck
The breast
The external genitalia
Abdominal wall, herniae, and the umbilicus
The abdomen
The kidneys, urinary tract and prostate
The rectum and anal canal

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