Anatomy of Orofacial Structures: A Comprehensive Approach 8th Edition

by Richard W Brand, Donald E Isselhard
  • Paperback

Anatomy of Orofacial Structures: A Comprehensive Approach, 8th Edition, gives you a clear understanding of oral histology and embryology, dental anatomy, and head and neck anatomy - all in a single resource. With new clinical content, a new chapter on the anatomy of local anesthesia, and an outstanding new full-color art program, this new edition is perfect for anyone studying to be a Dental Assistant or a Dental Hygienist. In addition, itoffers the benefits of a combined text and student workbook, with review questions and unit tests, as well as detachable flashcards for on-the-go study - making this one product a complete learning package.


  •   NEW! Chapter on the anatomy of local anesthesia details application techniques.
  •   NEW! Updated clinical content throughout focuses on evidence-based practice.
  •   NEW! Full-color program features modern illustrations, histographs, micrographs, and clinical images.
  •    NEW! Updated test bank with cognitive question leveling and mapping to Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) exam and National Board Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE) blueprints.
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ISBN: 9780323480239
Series: 100 cases
Publisher: Mosby
Publication Date: Feb 1, 2018
Cover: paperback
Pages: 496
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