Alexander's Nursing Practice, 4th Edition: With Pageburst access

by Chris Brooker, Maggie Nicol (Editor)
  • Softcover

The most comprehensive UK Adult Nursing core text, now in its fourth edition, for the next generation of nurses…
This best-selling textbook has been fully revised by a team of experienced nurses for nurses focusing on the issues that are important to them. It provides a comprehensive source of the knowledge and skills required for competent, evidence-based nursing practice. High quality nursing care is patient-centred, knowledgeable and based on the best available evidence. This book will help you to achieve that.
Printed book plus Pageburst™ access - you will receive a printed book and access to the complete book content electronically. Pageburst™ enhances learning by not only bringing world class content to your fingertips but also letting you add to it, annotate it, and categorize it all in a way that suits you. Pageburst™ frees you to spend more time learning and less time searching.
• Key nursing issues summarise each chapter and enable you to check your understanding
• Interactive Reflection and Evidence-based practice boxes help make links between theory and practice
• A Reflection and Learning feature in each chapter to help you consider your learning and professional development and how you can use it to enhance patient/client care
• Now in full colour
 • A customisable electronic version of the book, which makes searching for information easy and accessible
 • An exciting companion website including:
• Self-test quiz questions with full explanations with the answers
 • Critical-thinking questions with outline answers
 • Full colour photographs, diagrams, tables and care plans
 • Hyper-linked references
• All the images from the book
• Increased prominence of nursing and health promotion

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ISBN: 9780702031526
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
Publication Date: Jan 5, 2011
Cover: softcover
Pages: 996
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