300 SBAs for Medical and Surgical Finals, 2nd edition

by by Dr Satyen Gohil
  • Soft Cover

This new edition contains more than 300 questions in Single Best Answer format covering the popular topics tested in medical and surgical undergraduate finals. The questions are divided into two sections- •100 scenario-based questions present clinical vignettes with questions to test students' knowledge within a specific context •200 knowledge-based questions offering a wide mix and variety of questions encompassing all of the major medical and surgical specialties •Detailed answers and explanations will help to develop students' learning and understanding 'A well-structured and easy-to-use revision aid for medical and surgical finals. Scenario-based questions are used, aswell as knowledge-based questions to test a wide range of topics for finals exams. Questions are detailed and are an accurate representation of problems likely to be faced in clinical practice. Not only does the book offer quick reference answers to all the questions, but there are also detailed explanations to help improve understanding of a variety of concepts, thus not only does this book test your current knowledge but teaches at the same time. Challenging and thought provoking, I would highly recommend this book to other students.' Afsoon Sepahzad, 5th Year Medical Student, Imperial College London

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ISBN: 9781905635542
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Publisher: PasTest
Publication Date: Jan 9, 2009
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 304
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