The Comprehensive Respiratory Therapist Exam Review, 5th Edition: Entry and Advanced Levels

by James R. Sills, MEd, CPFT, RRT
  • Soft Cover
Prepare for success on respiratory therapy credentialing exams! Updated to reflect the 2009 National Board of Respiratory Care (NBRC) content outlines, Sills' The Comprehensive Respiratory Therapist's Exam Review, 5th Edition helps you review for both entry and advanced level credentialing exams. It covers every testable subject, providing content review, self-assessment questions, and study hints. The new Evolve website contains electronic testing offering realistic practice for the entry-level credentialing exam and the advanced-level credentialing Written Registry Exam (WRE) and Clinical Simulation Exam (CSE). =Key Features •Unique! Exam Hint boxes point out subjects that are frequently tested, helping you study, plan your time, and improve your test-taking skills. •Self-study questions are included at the end of each chapter, accompanied by answers and rationales in the back of the book. •Complexity level codes (recall, application, and analysis) help you prepare for questions in the way that is most appropriate (e.g., memorization for recall or synthesis for analysis). •NBRC content outline coding provides a code for each topic so you can be sure that you have covered every topic that might appear on the exam. •CRT and RRT level codes speed your review by identifying the individual topics for the CRT and RRT exams, as well as topics for both. •The Evolve website includes practice tests so you can assess your understanding before and after you have reviewed, allowing for practice in the computerized exam format. •All online practice tests include the same number of questions as the actual exams, with 160 questions for the CRT review, 115 questions for the WRE review, and 11 practice simulations for the CSE review. •A question randomizing feature ensures that you never have to take the same practice test twice. •Study mode allows you to answer questions and get immediate feedback. •Exam mode lets you take a timed exam with feedback after the test is completed. =New to this Edition •One text now covers both the entry and advanced levels of Respiratory Therapists credentialing exams, so you need only one book to prepare for CRT and RRT credentials. •Updated content reflects the NBRC's new examination content outlines, so you get an accurate, current review. •New coverage includes subject areas such as CPAP/BiPAP titration during sleep, hemodynamic monitoring, hyperinflation therapy, laryngeal mask airway, high frequency ventilation, oxygen titration, thoracentesis, ultrasound, and ventilator-associated pneumonia protocols. •An Evolve website includes both CRT and RRT practice exams. =Table of Contents Patient Assessment Infection Control Blood Gas Analysis and Monitoring Pulmonary Function Testing Advanced Cardiopulmonary Monitoring Oxygen and Medical Gas Therapy Hyperinflation Therapy NEW! Humidity and Aerosol Therapy Pharmacology Bronchopulmonary Hygiene Therapy Cardiac Monitoring and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Airway Management Suctioning the Airway Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing (IPPB) Mechanical Ventilation of the Adult Mechanical Ventilation of the Neonate Home Care and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Special Procedures Appendix: Summary Content Outline for CRT and Written RRT Examination CD-ROM: Entry Level Exam Pre-test (study mode) Post-test (exam mode) Entry Level CRT Examination Detailed Content Outline Advanced Level Exam Pre-test (study mode) Post-test (exam mode) Clinical Simulations (to prepare for the CSE portion of Written RRT exam) Therapist Written RRT Examination Detailed Content Outline -------------------------------------------- 217 Title: Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry, 3rd Edition Authors: Edward W Odell FDSRCS MSc PhD FRCPath ISBN-13: 9780443067846 Pub date: January 2010 Cover: Softcover Pages: 352 Publisher: Churchill Livingstone Category: Dentistry-Dentistry (General) Series: Weight: 1.2 OnHand: Price: 78.95 Price: 23.750 Discreption: The latest edition of this popular book continues to provide a highly visual step-by-step guide to the practical management of a wide variety of presentations seen in clinical dental practice. =Key Features •More than 350 colour illustrations, artworks and tables present clinical, diagnostic and practical information in an easy-to-follow manner •Designed to help the reader reorganise their knowledge into a clinically useful format •Explores treatment alternatives and evaluates their advantages and disadvantages •Integrates material from all the dental specialties in order to cover the full range of problems which will be seen in practice •Practical approach to the subject makes learning especially easy =New to this Edition •Includes ten completely new problems, making the book almost twice as long as the first edition! •All the chapters have been completely revised to account for new national guidelines, changes in legislation and advances in treatment •Additional topics include Down’s syndrome, bisphosphonate-induced osteonecrosis, headache and child protection Containing over 350 high-quality photographs, line artworks and tables, Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry is written in an easy-to read ‘how to’ style and contains a large number of real life clinical cases carefully presented to maximise learning outcomes for the reader. Covering all core aspects of practice, Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry, 3rd edition will be of value to all general dental practitioners, both qualified and in training.
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