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Oxford Handbook of Key Clinical Evidence, 2nd Edition

  • Author : Kunal Kulkarni, James Harrison, Mohamed Baguneid, and Bernard Prendergast
  • ISBN : 9780198729426
  • Cover Type : Flexicover
  • Pages : 949
  • Pub. Date : Dec 2016
  • Manufacturer: Oxford University Press
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▪   Covers most medical and surgical specialities including a new section on paediatrics


▪   Introductory chapters on the development of evidence-based medicine give uninitiated readers the tools required to analyse and understand medical studies


▪   Distills medical trials into a succinct and easy-to-read format


▪    Distills medical trials into a succinct and easy-to-assimilate format, providing an ideal tool for practical use


▪    Written by a team of experienced practitioners working in each speciality presented in the book


New to this Edition:


▪   New chapter on paediatrics covers landmark trials which consider practical issues, ethical factors and societal context specific to this specialty.


▪   Extensively updated chapters containing substantial new evidence and revised evaluation of clinical trials.


▪   Inclusion of recent trials reflecting developments in the field of evidence based medicine since the first edition.


▪    Simplified and revised introductory chapters designed to ensure a more succinct and usable experience for the reader.

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