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OSCEs for the MRCS Part B A Bailey & Love Revision Guide

  • Author : Jonathan Fishman, Vivian A Elwell, Rajat Chowdhury
  • ISBN : 9780340985809
  • Cover Type : Paperback
  • Pages : 224
  • Pub. Date : Aug 2009
  • Manufacturer: CRC Press
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This book is designed to help the candidate in preparation for the newly revised oral examination or OSCE, the concluding element required to pass the MRCS examination. Success requires a solid working knowledge and a well-rehearsed examination technique. A precise, structured, and systematic routine is paramount. This technique, as outlined in the book, ensures key steps of the clinical examination are not accidentally omitted and, under the pressure of examination, it provides the candidate with a starting point and framework for any case that one may encounter.

Based on the highly successful Insider Medical MRCS Examination Clinical Course, this book facilitates the pathway for a novice clinician to pass this challenging examination. College-approved, systematic, coherent, and well-rehearsed, examination routines for all the main systems are included.

As well as providing examination routines approved by many college examiners, the chapters also provide insider tips on how to pass the examination and identify mistakes commonly made by may candidates.

OSCEs for the MRCS Part B prepares future surgeons for the challenges of clinical practice, through solid examination techniques and communication skills.


• Provides the candidate with a college-approved, systematic, coherent, and well-rehearsed examination routine for all the main systems

• Includes "top tips" on how to pass all the cases commonly encountered in the MRCS Clinical Examination

• Prepares the candidate with a starting point and framework for any case that one may encounter

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