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Atlas of the Human Dentition, 2nd Edition

The Atlas has been very useful for dental students, dental auxiliary students, dental laboratory technicians, and anyone interested in learning or reviewing the unique morphologic characteristics of human tooth. The drawings include all the primary and secondary teeth from 5 views (facial, lingual, mesial, distal, and incisal/occlusal). In addition, there are unique drawings that permit easy visual comparisons to be made between the different primary teeth, the different secondary teeth, and also comparisons to be made between the primary and secondary teeth.
• The Atlas of the Human Dentition designed for easy viewing of the 77 pages of detailed drawings.
• All the drawings are scale drawings, based on the "average" dimensions of each tooth as identified in the dental literature
• Additionally, a unique feature is that all of the key morphologic features typically found of each tooth are visible on the drawings.
• The Atlas also includes tables that show the average dimensions as determined in the dental literature as well as tables that identify the coronal outline form, coronal heights of contour, marginal ridge locations and forms, root surface and morphology, proximal contact forms and location, and cervical crown form.

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