Vaughan & Asbury’s General Ophthalmology, 17th edition

by by Paul Riordan-Eva, John Whitcher
  • Soft Cover
The classic reference -- now in its seventeenth edition! A Doody's Core Title! This classic book covers the diagnosis and treatment of all major ophthalmic diseases, as well as neurological and systemic diseases causing visual disturbance. This new edition has been extensively revised and updated (see features below). *State-of-the-art coverage of diagnostic techniques and therapeutic interventions for the full range of ophthalmic disorders *Selected color illustrations Major revision of the chapters on the retina and glaucoma *Chapters dedicated to ophthalmic therapeutics, neuro-ophthalmology, ocular disorders associated with systemic diseases, immunologic diseases of the eye, pediatrics, genetics, preventive ophthalmology, and lasers *The latest clinical perspectives on such topics as: --Treatments for age-related macular degeneration, including anti-VEGF therapies --Intraocular steroid injections for retinal diseases --Immunomodulatory drugs --Treatment of corneal infections --Medical and surgical treatments for glaucoma *Detailed appendices on visual standards, practical factors in illumination, rehabilitation of the visually handicapped, and special services available to the blind
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ISBN: 9780071104456
Publisher: Mc Graw-Hill Medical
Publication Date: Jan 11, 2007
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 480
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