Saunders Review of Dental Hygiene, 2nd Edition

by Margaret J. Fehrenbach, RDH, MS and Jane Weiner, RDH
  • Soft Cover
Be prepared to take your national board with this full-length simulation of the NBDH exam. This bestselling resource now reflects the new case-based format of the national exam along with content that covers new guidelines, especially in the areas of infection control and pharmacology. As you prepare and practice for your exam, you will find multiple ways to study with over 60 clinical case studies, and 1,500 plus questions. The accompanying CD-ROM includes an electronic, simulated exam as well as other interactive-review activities, such as crossword puzzles and word finds. =Key Features •Over 60 “testlets” with accompanying questions, answers, and rationales present hygiene-specific cases that cover the major board topics. •Simple, clean layout provides an “all-in-one” package with an outline format and review questions and answers in every chapter. •Clear and accurate illustrations, including many new and photos and line drawings provide additional visual learning. =New to this Edition •New NBDHE Case Study Format in the form of “testlets” simulate the NBDH exam testing conditions. •Bound-in CD-ROM includes a full, simulated exam with 350 questions, key terms, color images, crossword puzzles, word finds, and more. •CD-ROM includes PowerPoint slides with mnemonic devices and references from the text to reinforce key information. •Updated coverage in infection control and pharmacology follows the latest CDC guidelines and outlines dental considerations for newer drugs. •Expanded use of tables and flow-charts make the content easier to digest, and flow-charts assist in clinical decision-making.
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ISBN: 9781416062554
Publisher: Saunder
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2009
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 640
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