Questions, Tricks, and Tips for the Echocardiography Boards, 2nd Edition

by Vincent L. Sorrell MD, FACC, FACP, FASE, Sasanka Jayasuriya , MBBS, FACC, FASE
  • Paperback

Ace the echocardiography boards with this unique review tool! Questions, Tricks, and Tips for the Echocardiography Boards provides one-of-a-kind assistance directly from those who have recently passed the exam – including hundreds of questions and video clips that mimic what you’re likely to encounter. The Second Edition also incorporates valuable feedback from Dr. Sorrell’s recent fellows, ensuring complete, up-to-date coverage of the information you need to know to perform at your best on the exam.
Features 700+ questions and 350+ video clips with thorough explanations of both correct and incorrect answers, helping you place key concepts in the context of clinical practice.
Includes a new chapter on how to accurately maneuver the transducer for particular views and make other adjustments, challenging you to go beyond mere book learning to a more complete understanding of optimal image acquisition.
Incorporates questions related to new ASE guidelines, including new Class I and Class III indications.
Provides test prep techniques as well as tips to save time, reduce anxiety, and optimize exam performance.
Includes a practice exam that allows you to test your mastery of the content.
Contains hundreds of images, figures, and tables that address key topics.

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