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This pocket-sized guide covers all of the common conditions and emergency situations that typically occur in general and neonatal pediatrics. With 8 additional contributing experts. =Reviews "...contains concise info on a wide range of topics. Most of the book is in bullet point or list form, with a brief explanation of the important stuff in each topic, helping to clarify the lists...a good book to have if you're doing paeds SAMPs or house jobs." 4th Year Medical Student, Sphincter - Liverpool Medical Students' Society magazine, April 2004 =Key Features *Covers all common conditions and emergency information. *Pocket-sized for convenience. =New to this Edition *Revises and updates all information. *Adds 8 additional contributors for well-rounded perspectives. *Offers expanded neonatal coverage. *Features the latest drug dosage recommendations. *Provides more illustrations for clearer guidance.
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ISBN: 9780443060113
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1900
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 468
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