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OVERVIEW: Pediatric Lexi-Drugs is specifically designed for pediatricians or any situation where pediatric and neonatal dosing information is required. Pediatric Lexi-Drugs contains very detailed guidelines that have been researched and compiled by pediatric specialists: Over 750 pediatric-sensitive drug monographs Detailed dosing guidelines for neonates, infants, and children Key fields of information include drug interactions, administration, and adverse reactions Lexi-Interact analyses a patient's complete medication profile and identifies potential interactions. Fully referenced and evidence-based, this application facilitates a patient-specific, risk-to-benefit assessment and includes detailed patient management and monitoring guidelines. Each interaction monograph contains the following ratings: Reliability Rating: Indicates the quantity and nature of documentation for an interaction. Risk Rating: Reflects both the level of urgency and the nature of actions necessary to respond to an interaction: A - No known interaction B - No action needed C - Monitor therapy D - Consider therapy modification X - Avoid combination THE BENEFITS: This cost effective package combines two of Lexi-Comp's best-selling databases in one convenient resource! Each monograph within Pediatric Lexi-Drugs contains up to 40 fields of information, with the most frequently accessed fields saved at the top of the 'Jump' list, allowing rapid retrieval of information. Lexi-Interact performs a predictive analysis of a patient's drug profile, with detailed information about the mechanism and severity of the interaction. Linking between the databases and advanced navigational tools save time and improve workflow efficiency. Please note: Lexi-Comp PDA software products operate during the subscription period only. If the product is not renewed, access will terminate.
Publisher: Lexi-Comp
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1900
Cover: Unspecified
Pages: 115
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