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Paediatric Dentistry fourth edition combines in-depth theoretical information and practical clinical skills to produce a highly relevant resource for undergraduate dentistry students and indeed any clinician in the field. With a user-friendly design, this new edition continues the extensive use of key points, advice on further reading and directions to important evidence. As a result this texts acts as both an essential study tool and a quick reference guide for the surgery. Paediatric Dentistry fourth edition contains a comprehensive survey of every important aspect in the field, including oral pathology, prevention and treatment of dental caries, and restorative dentistry.

The book now offers over 550 illustrations, including clinical photographs and information-packed diagrams. Explanations of key clinical procedures are supported by step-by-step illustrations encorporating photographs, x-ray scans and line drawings. Updated throughout, a new chapter on safeguarding children has also been included in order to prepare the reader for the role they might play in protecting the health and wellbeing of vulnerable children. This reflects the child-centred approach that is integrated throughout the text.

Review from previous edition: "Overall, this is an excellent text for anyone who treats children and it should be on your bookshelves... I would thoroughly recommend it." --Journal of Orthodontics

"This in an excellent book, which I would thoroughly recommend not only for newly emerging specialist[s] in paediatric dentistry, but for all clinicians that see and treat children. It is a comprehensive book covering all aspects of paediatric dentistry. I find it an easy to read book, which makes it very useful for quick reference in the surgery. I suggest it is well worth the money and should be on everyone's bookshelf." --Dental Update

"When starting a paedodontics course and embarking on your first child patients, this is a life saver that will give you the knowledge and confidence you need. Comprehensive and well illustrated, it starts from the basics and helps you graduate to more difficult subject areas, such as child orthodontics and minor surgery." --Amazon customer review

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ISBN: 9780199574919
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: Jan 10, 2012
Cover: softcover
Pages: 400
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