Oxford Assess and Progress: Surgery, 1st Edition

by Neil Borley, Frank Smith, Paul McGovern, Oliver Old, Bernadette Pereira
  • Paperback

Oxford Assess and Progress: Surgery is a brand new addition to a trusted revision series for medical undergraduates.

This volume includes over 270 SBAs and EMQs covering all the core surgical specialties from orthopaedics to urology. Many questions are illustrated with clinical photographs, scans, and anatomical diagrams. Each question is accompanied by extensive feedback that explains the rationale behind correct and incorrect answers, as well as a star rating system that will help you track your progress. Oxford Assess and Progress: Surgery is also fully cross-referenced to the fourth edition of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery, and references key clinical research and guidelines to help you persue your learning even further.

Written by practising surgeons and edited by leading surgical educators and experts in medical assessment to ensure top-quality content, this is the ultimate revision guide to surgery for undergraduates. Ace your Finals with Oxford Assess and Progress!

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ISBN: 9780199696420
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: Jan 6, 2014
Cover: paperback
Pages: 360
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