Orthodontics: Principles and Practice, 1st edition

by Daljit Gill , Farhad B. Naini
  • Hard Cover

This latest addition to the Dental Update books series provides a clear and thorough guide to contemporary orthodontic principles and practice. Written as a highly practical clinical manual, it covers patient assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning of both standard class malocclusions and specific entities such as impacted teeth, digit sucking habits and asymmetries, as well as appliance techniques, complex and multidisciplinary care, and retention.
Orthodontics: Principles and Practice is written by a range of international specialists in the field. It is an essential guide to the subject for dentists seeking to improve their knowledge of orthodontics, as well as dentistry students and trainee orthodontists.

Key features

• Covers the full process of orthodontic treatment from initial patient assessment to post-treatment stability
• Provides up to date, evidence based and clinically relevant information
• Presented in a clear practical format for use as a clinical manual
• Written by international orthodontic specialists
• Highly illustrated in full colour throughout

Table of Contents

Section 1: Growth & Development.
Facial Growth & Development of Dental Occlusion (New).

Section 2: Clinical Patient Assessment.

Orthodontic Records.

Photography; (New).

Radiography (OPG; Lat Ceph & basic analysis) (New).

Study Models - Space Analysis – mixed dentition and adult (New).

Facial aesthetics (New).

Smile Aesthetics.

Psychology of facial appearance.

Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN).

Timing of orthodontic treatment.

Medical Conditions of relevance to Orthodontics (New).

Consent (New).

Oral Hygiene techniques in orthodontics (New).

Iatrogenic Damage and Orthodontics.

Section 3: Diagnosis & Treatment Planning.

Class I - (New).

Class II - Treatment Planning in Class II Malocclusion (New).

Class III - Treatment Planning in Class III Malocclusion.

Section 4: Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Management of specific entities.

Digit-sucking habits (New).

Impacted incisors.

Impacted canines.

The management of transverse maxillary deficiency.

Poor prognosis first permanent molars.

The management of deep overbite.

The management of anterior open bite.

Orthodontic implication of traumatized maxillary incisors.

The diagnosis and management of supernumerary teeth (New).


Asymmetries (New).

Sleep apnoea.

Section 5: Appliance Techniques .

The straight wire appliance (New).

Self-ligating bracket systems (New).

Aesthetic Appliances (New).

Scientific Evidence for Pre-adjusted Edgewise Mechanics.

Bonding/debonding techniques (New).

Functional appliances.

The Twin block appliance.

The Early Management of Class III Malocclusions using Protraction Headgear.

The Contemporary Use of Removable Orthodontic Appliances.

Section 6: Complex & Multidisciplinary care.

Hypodontia (New).

The management of missing lateral incisors.

The management of missing second premolars.

The Periodontal-orthodontic interface.

Implants for anchorage.

Orthognathic surgery (New).

Management of cleft lip and palate (New).

Distraction osteogenesis (New).

Section 7: Retention.


Late Lower Arch Crowding: The Aetiology Reviewede.

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