Ophthalmology Made Ridiculously Simple

by Stephen Goldberg, William Trattler
  • Paperback

Text focuses on material most vital for the non-ophthalmologist. Gives strong emphasis to common disorders, their diagnosis and management, up to the point of referral. Only minimal emphasis is given to the technical diagnostic and therapeutic measures exclusive to the ophthalmologist. For primary care physicians.


Chapter 1. Anatomy
Chapter 2. Visual Disorders
Chapter 3. The Red Eye
Chapter 4. Ocular Trauma
Chapter 5. Retinal Disease
Chapter 6. Neuro-ophthalmology
Chapter 7. Ocular Findings in Systemic Disease
Chapter 8. Ophthalmologic Techniques:
A. Assessment of visual acuity
B. The direct ophthalmoscope
C. The indirect ophthalmoscope
D. Application of fluorescein strips and ophthalmic drops and ointments
E. Assessing the depth of the anterior chamber angle
F. Removal of a foreign body
G. Securing an eye patch
H. The slit lamp
I. Cataract surgery
Chapter 9. Clinical Review

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