Nursing Care of Children, 4th Edition: Principles and Practice

by Susan R. James, Kristine Nelson, Jean Ashwill
  • Softcover

Nursing Care of Children: Principles and Practice provides numerous student-friendly features to help you navigate through difficult concepts to gain understanding with ease. The text emphasizes a community focus while teaching growth & development and major body system alterations information needed by pediatric nurses.

• Student-friendly writing style makes material more accessible.
• Pathophysiology boxes illustrate how disease conditions develop to provide a scientific basis for understanding the nursing care of an illness.
• Clinical Reference sections review basic anatomy and physiology, discuss pediatric differences, describe common diagnostics tests, and list commonly prescribed medications.
• Want to Know boxes assist with instructing parents and children about self-care in the home and follow-up care in community-based health care settings.
• Photo Stories visually depict various nursing roles in diverse care settings.
• Communication Cues suggest effective ways for nurses to facilitate understanding and elicit necessary information in exchanges with the child and/or parent.
• Critical to Remember boxes identify practices required to deliver safe care.
• Critical Thinking Exercises apply learning to practice via case study scenarios.
• Drug Guides provide quick reference on the pediatric uses and nursing implications of specific drugs.
• Procedure boxes outline step-by-step instructions for common nursing tasks.
• Health Promotion boxes emphasize a wellness approach and pediatric health priorities based on AAP recommendations.

• Companion CD-ROM enclosed with the text provides an integrative, comprehensive approach to textbook principles through pediatric assessment video clips, animations, an audio glossary including Spanish pronunciations, and NCLEX® review questions.
• Using Research to Improve Practice boxes help you understand how to research and determine proper care and procedures.
• Beautiful full-color illustrations provide realistic, visually appealing interpretations of pediatric nursing in action.

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