MRCP 2: Book 3

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MRCP 2: Book 3 is the third in a series of three books which provides full coverage of the MRCP Part 2 syllabus (MRCP 2: Book 3 covers: Haematology, Rheumatology and Neurology). Each book - •Provides practise questions with extensive explanations to aid candidates preparing for the examination •Features specific topics enabling candidates to focus on the areas they need to. All questions encompass the three elements (Data, History and Imaging) The authors are all clinicians writing sections in their chosen fields and as such have been chosen for their clear understanding of the required knowledge base for this important exam.
ISBN: 9781904627272
Series: PasTest
Publisher: PasTest
Publication Date: Jan 12, 2004
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 184
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