Minor Oral Surgery in Dental Practice

by John G. Meechan
  • Hard Cover
This book describes oral surgery procedures that can be performed in the dental office using local anaesthesia, with or without sedating the patient. In addition to describing the surgical techniques, patient assessment, appropriate use of drugs, and managing complications and emergencies are discussed. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Patient Assessment 3. Principles of Surgical Dentistry 4. Pharmacology and Surgical Dentistry 5. Extraction of Teeth and Roots 6. Management of Impacted Teeth 7. Surgical Endodontics 8. Surgery as an Aid to Orthodontics 9. Implants and Surgery to Facilitate Prosthetic Dentistry 10. Surgical Dentistry and the Antrum 11. Management of Cysts 12. Management of Dento-alveolar Trauma and Oral Lacerations 13. Biopsy Techniques and Management of Intra-oral Calculi 14. Management of Complications and Emergencies
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ISBN: 9781850970828
Publisher: Quintessence Publishing
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1900
Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 168
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