Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice, International Edition, Edition 9

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In addition to comprehensive coverage of the four areas of nursing: medical/surgical, maternal/newborn, pediatrics, and psychiatric, the Seventh Edition of this classic reference book features a variety of useful updates. New to this edition is an appendix of vitamins and herbs, necessary for dealing with patients who treat themselves with popular dietary supplements. Also unique to this edition are an increased emphasis on home care and geriatrics, Drug Alerts, Standards of Care, and additional patient teaching information that includes complementary therapies. Popular features, including Procedure Guidelines, Nursing Alerts, and Gerontologic Alerts have been expanded. New illustrations appear throughout.


•Written in outline format, organized with subheads for ease of finding information

•Each disorder entry is designed to highlight nursing care by grouping nursing management material together.

•Contains extensive procedure guidelines - many hospitals, etc.. use this as a procedure and policy manual
Includes Nursing Alerts, Drug Alerts, Gerontologic Alerts that highlight critical information

New to this Edition:

•Has 2 new chapters: "Standards of Care of Legal Issues" and "Geriatrics and Health Applications."

•Home care section added to Chapter 1.

•Herbal and complementary therapy information is incorporated throughout text and appendix.

•New information regarding problems of infants added to Chapter 38.

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health
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