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Review "The 15th edition manual is definitely worthy of Harrison's excellent reputation. The editors are clear in their purpose to provide easy-to-access, on-the-spot portable information on topics and problems routinely encountered on a hospital service." "The book is extremely well organized." "I was impressed with the quality of this manual. It is most applicable as a pocket reference for residents, interns, and medical students, who affectionately refer to it as "Baby Harrison's." "Because it has substantially more depth than several other available reference on-call manuals, I believe it is the more useful book." (Journal of the American Board of Family Practice 20011001) "The amazing aspect of this book is that it is over 1000 pages in size and thanks to densely packed text packs a vast amount of data between it's covers" "It represents excellent value for money." (British National Formulary 20011001) "This is an excellent condensation of the vast body of information found in the larger Harrison's " "Graphs, tables, and algorithms are used extensively, and are well placed and helpful" "It functions more as a miniature medical text..." "4 Stars" (Doody's ) --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. Product Description Put the authority and accuracy of Harrison's in the palm of your hand! A Doody's Core Title ESSENTIAL PURCHASE! 5 STAR DOODY'S REVIEW! "This condensed version is for anyone who has the remotest association with the practice of medicine, be they internists, surgeons, nurses, technical staff, or counselors. This is the authority, and in a time of readily available but not always accurate information, this is the one source that can be relied upon, in an almost pocket-sized edition....While the main text is one of the absolute pillars of any medical library, this is the pillar to be carried with you on rounds. It is the final word in internal medicine and we all owe a debt of gratitude to the editors and contributors who have created this extraordinary authority in medicine."--Doody's Review Service NOW IN FULL COLOR! Referenced to Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, the world's leading internal medicine textbook, this ultra-handy, portable reference delivers on-the-spot answers to the clinical problems you face in everyday practice. Turn to any page, and you'll find essential point-of-care guidance on all the major conditions seen in clinical medicine. Completely updated to reflect all the major advances and new clinical developments, the new edition of the Manual is the most indispensable yet. It continues to focus on diagnosis and therapy with an emphasis on patient care and offers authoritative, high-yield coverage of: Etiology and epidemiology Clinically relevant pathophysiology Signs & Symptoms Differential Diagnosis Physical and Laboratory Findings Therapeutics Practice Guidelines NEW FEATURES Full-color presentation for the first time! Full-color images of clinical conditions encountered in dermatology, cardiology, and eye diseases New chapters on end-of-life care, congenital heart disease in the adult patient, non-invasive cardiac examination, and metabolic syndrome
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ISBN: 9780071635110
Publisher: Mc Graw-Hill Medical
Publication Date: Jan 3, 2009
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 1264
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