Ethics and Law for the Dental Team

by Mark Brennan
  • Softcover


'A book every dental professional should have on their shelf! It is comprehensive and concise keeping the reader up-to-date with current ethical and legal guidelines and useful contact details of dental organisations. It also contains relevant case scenarios for reference and practice. An excellent and informative read!'Susanna Hodges, 5th year dental student, Cardiff

Product Description

"Ethics and Law for the Dental Team" is designed to help all dental professionals develop their understanding of the ethical principles and professional guidelines essential in the practice of dentistry. This new title from "PasTest" is an accessible text written for the whole dental team, and reflects the General Dental Council guidelines. It features a wide range of 'real life', practical case studies of ethical dilemmas faced in dental practice. The cases cover the issues of inter alia consent, confidentiality, negligence, whistle-blowing and responsibilities to patients as well as to other members of the dental team and to society. Key notes, tips on good ethical practice and an extensive resources section make this a truly essential title.

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ISBN: 9781904627418
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Publication Date: Jan 3, 2006
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