Essentials of Gastroenterology, 2nd edition

by Shanthi Sitaraman, Lawrence S. Friedman
  • Softcover

Highly practical and concise, this hands-on guide focuses on specific common clinical scenarios. Each section covers a particular area of the GI tract and follows a regular structure of: overview of

normal function, physiology, pathophysiology, clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, diagnostic tests, and treatment. Color-coded text features, such as key facts, potential pitfalls and practice

tips, and concise, bulleted paragraphs make the information easy to find and assimilate. Multiple choice questions, clinical cases, a short picture gallery of the most common GI conditions, and a

comparison of the major societies' guidelines (BSG, ASG, ACG, UEGF) make this the perfect tool for reference or review.

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ISBN: 9780470656259
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Publication Date: Jan 3, 2012
Cover: softcover
Pages: 480
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