Essentials of Clinical Immunology, 6th edition

by Helen Chapel, Mansel Haeney, Siraj Misbah, Neil Snowden
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Essentials of Clinical Immunology provides the most up-to-date, core information required to understand diseases with an immunological basis. Clinically focussed, the sixth edition of this classic text presents theoretical and practical information in a simple yet thorough way.

Essentials of Clinical Immunology covers the underlying pathophysiology, the signs and symptoms of disease, the investigations required and guidance on the management of patients.

Perfect for clinical medical students, junior doctors and medical professionals seeking a refresher in the role of immunology in clinical medicine, this comprehensive text features fully updated clinical information, boxes with key points, real-life case histories to illustrate key concepts and an index of contents at the start of each chapter.

A companion website at provides additional learning tools, including more case studies, interactive multiple-choice questions and answers, all of the photographs and illustrations from the book, links to useful websites, and a selection of review articles from the journal Clinical and Experimental Immunology.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Sixth Edition iv

Preface to the First Edition v

How to Use Your Textbook vi

About the Companion Website ix

Key to Illustrations x

1 Basic Components: Structure and Function 1

2 Infection 34

3 Immunodeficiency 54

4 Anaphylaxis and Allergy 86

5 Autoimmunity 105

6 Lymphoproliferative Disorders 121

7 Immune Manipulation 137

8 Transplantation 157

9 Kidney Diseases 171

10 Joints and Muscles 194

11 Skin Diseases 219

12 Eye Diseases 236

13 Chest Diseases 245

14 Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases 263

15 Endocrinology and Diabetes 288

16 Non-Malignant Haematological Diseases 300

17 Neuroimmunology 312

18 Immunological Diseases in Pregnancy 324

19 Techniques in Clinical Immunology 332

Appendix: Further Resources 351

Index 353

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