Ear, Nose and Throat and Head and Neck Surgery, 4th Edition: An Illustrated Colour Text

by Ram S Dhillon
  • Softcover

A textbook in the Illustrated Colour Text series on ENT, aimed at medical students and junior doctors.

•Concise presentation of ENT in the attractive ICT format - clear line diagrams, colour photos of clinical conditions, summary boxes etc.
•Covers a topic which is important in primary care - medical students and junior doctors are motivated to buy a book in this area.
•Basic anatomy and physiology is reviewed - useful revision for students in clinical years.
•Comprehensive coverage of both presenting symptoms and specific diseases, with more detail on the commoner conditions.
•Clear description of examination and investigation techniques.

...this textbook will be an essential purchase for medical students, junior doctors and other allied health professionals who would like a concise introduction to this surgical speciality. Each chapter has been updated and modified to reflect new developments in techniques, instrumentation, and treatment protocol. There is an emphasis on common clinical disorders. This book offers a quick and easy resource for medical students wanting to improve their knowledge in this area and to practising graduates encountering ENT problems in their clinical practice.
Medical Student, Bristol University

“It achieves what it sets out to do and will continue to be a valuable resource for those looking for a concise and readily accessible grounding in the fundamentals of the speciality”.

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ISBN: 9780702044199
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
Publication Date: Jan 2, 2013
Cover: softcover
Pages: 132
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