Diagnostic Imaging for the Emergency Physician: Expert Consult - Online and Print

by Joshua Broder
  • Hardcover

Diagnostic Imaging for the Emergency Physician, written and edited by a practicing emergency physician for emergency physicians, takes a step-by-step approach to the selection and interpretation of commonly ordered diagnostic imaging tests. Dr. Joshua Broder presents validated clinical decision rules, describes time-efficient approaches for the emergency physician to identify critical radiographic findings that impact clinical management and discusses hot topics such as radiation risks, oral and IV contrast in abdominal CT, MRI versus CT for occult hip injury, and more. Detailed explanations and numerous images-in print and online at www.expertconsult.com-help you order and interpret studies, understand the radiologist’s interpretations, and make the best choices for your patients.

• Access the fully searchable text online at www.expertconsult.com, along with downloadable images suitable for use in educational presentations.

• Choose the best test for each indication through clear explanations of the "how" and "why" behind emergency imaging.

• Interpret head, spine, chest, and abdominal CT images using a detailed and efficient approach to time-sensitive emergency findings.

• Stay on top of current developments in the field, including evidence-based analysis of tough controversies-such as indications for oral and IV contrast in abdominal CT and MRI versus CT for occult hip injury; high-risk pathology that can be missed by routine diagnostic imaging-including subarachnoid hemorrhage, bowel injury, mesenteric ischemia, and scaphoid fractures; radiation risks of diagnostic imaging-with practical summaries balancing the need for emergency diagnosis against long-terms risks; and more.

• Optimize diagnosis through evidence-based guidelines that assist you in discussions with radiologists, coverage of the limits of "negative" or "normal" imaging studies for safe discharge, indications for contrast, and validated clinical decision rules that allow reduced use of diagnostic imaging.

• Clearly recognize findings and anatomy on radiographs for all major diagnostic modalities used in emergency medicine from more than 1000 images.

• Find information quickly and easily with streamlined content specific to emergency medicine written and edited by an emergency physician and organized by body system.

The "must-have" resource for emergency physicians to make critical diagnostic imaging decisions.

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