Dermatology Made Easy

by Amanda Oakley
  • Paperback

From reviews:
“… easy to read and informative. One cannot emphasise enough the quality and comprehensive nature of the photographic content.…
My overall impression of this textbook is one of excellence in dealing with all aspects of medical dermatology. The book is impressive and the photographic illustration second to none ....
As someone who was interested in dermatology even as a medical student my only regret is that this book was not around when I was a student as it would have very adequately guided me into my beloved subspecialty.
… remarkably good value. The book more than exceeds the requirements of any medical student but I suspect will be mainly useful for general practitioners and nurse practitioners with an interest in medical dermatology. I have little doubt that this will be a highly successful textbook given the popularity of the New Zealand dermatology website and the excellence of the clinical photography.”
Ulster Med J 2017;86(3):1-1.

Dermatology Made Easy is based on the hugely popular DermNet New Zealand website and is designed to help family physicians, medical students and dermatologists diagnose skin conditions with confidence.
The book starts by providing a series of comprehensive tables, complete with over 500 thumbnail photos, to aid diagnosis according to symptoms, morphology, or body site. Once you have narrowed down the diagnosis, cross-references then guide you to more detailed descriptions, and another 700 photographs, covering:
• common infections
• inflammatory rashes
• non-inflammatory conditions
• skin lesions
Every section provides consistent information on the disorder:
• who gets it and what causes it?
• what are the clinical features and does it cause any complications?
• how do you diagnose it?
• how do you treat it and how long does it take to resolve?
The book concludes with a comprehensive section on further investigations and treatment options.
Dermatology Made Easy combines the essential focus of the Made Easy book series with the authority and knowledge base of DermNet New Zealand’s unparalleled resources.
Printed in full color throughout.

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DermNet New Zealand is the world’s most visited dermatology website with over 4 million page views and 2 million unique visits every month. It is used by family doctors, dermatologists, medical trainees and students worldwide.

ISBN: 9781907904820
Publisher: Scion Publishing Ltd
Publication Date: May 17, 2017
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 438
Weight: 1.115 kg

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