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Bleaching has been scientifically proven to be simple, safe and effective. It has revolutionised dentistry. When used sensibly this non-destructive approach has enabled many patients to benefit significantly at very low biological risk and reasonable financial cost. Inside/outside bleaching has dramatically reduced the destruction of teeth caused by the placement of post crowns in already damaged teeth. Contents 1. Chemistry and safety of dental bleaching 2. Nightguard vital bleaching 3. Management of discoloured dead anterior teeth 4. Bleaching of teeth affected by specific conditions 5. Chair-side bleaching 6. Over the counter bleaching products 7. Frequently asked questions 8. Information for patients 9. Complications and contraindications
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ISBN: 9781850971313
Publisher: Quintessence Publishing
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1900
Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 127
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