CSA Practice Cases for the MRCGP

by Sonali Bapat, Prashini Naidoo
  • Paperback

CSA Practice Cases for the MRCGP contains 52 practice cases (set up as 4 full CSA circuits) to allow you to work through a range of representative CSA cases. These cases can be tackled by a small revision group or used for structured individual revision.
It is a book of two halves:

The first half of the book contains 26 cases – these case contain lots of detail and are an ideal way to start preparing for the exam. The “patient” notes are extensive to allow a non-medic to tackle the role-playing. The explanatory notes for the “doctor” contain comprehensive guidance and questions to provide a model of what a good competent GP should do. These cases help you to refine your consultation skills and identify areas of weakness.
The second half of the book also contains 26 cases, but the cases are more concise, with less explanation, and are ideal to work through as the real exam gets closer. They offer you the opportunity to practise and revise your CSA technique.

Whether you are just starting out on your preparation for the CSA exam, or are in the final cramming stage, the cases in this book should be an essential part of your preparation.



Case 1 Muslim diabetic
Case 2 PCOS
Case 3 Alcoholic
Case 4 Metabolic syndrome
Case 5 Hypertensive with gout
Case 6 Overactive bladder
Case 7 Sick note
Case 8 Unwell insulin-dependent diabetic
Case 9 Termination of pregnancy
Case 10 Menorrhagia
Case 11 Hypothyroidism
Case 12 Calf pain
Case 13 Eczema
Case 14 Migraine
Case 15 Nocturnal enuresis
Case 16 Psoriasis
Case 17 Tonsillitis
Case 18 Overdose
Case 19 Palpitations
Case 20 Methotrexate
Case 21 Postnatal/breast-feeding
Case 22 Recurrent nipple pain
Case 23 UTI
Case 24 Heel pain
Case 25 Grief
Case 26 OCD


Case 27 Confidentiality
Case 28 Emergency contraception
Case 29 Hirsutism
Case 30 Viral infection
Case 31 Abdominal pain
Case 32 Palpitations
Case 33 Falls
Case 34 Diarrhoea
Case 35 Palliative care (low mood)
Case 36 Pregnancy care
Case 37 Sick note (transsexuality)
Case 38 Shortness of breath
Case 39 Chronic disease management
Case 40 Urinary tract infection
Case 41 Genetics
Case 42 Carpal tunnel syndrome
Case 43 Palliative care (lung cancer)
Case 44 Obesity
Case 45 Warts
Case 46 Aches and pains
Case 47 LUTS/Urinary symptoms
Case 48 Erectile dysfunction
Case 49 Depression
Case 50 Testicular pain
Case 51 Diabetes
Case 52 Gout

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