Clinical Skills

by T. A. Roper
  • Paperback

Clinical Skills, Second Edition, is a practical and comprehensive guide to history taking, examination, and interpretation of results for medical students, junior doctors, and nurse practitioners. Written with wit and clarity, and packed with illustrations, this book will teach you how to join the dots between signs, symptoms, and diagnoses.
This textbook sets out invaluable routines for the examination of each system, and includes chapters on interpreting chest x-rays and spot diagnosis. Over 500 line drawings and colour photographs give practical examples of core and advanced examination skills. Throughout the text, key points and tips dispense essential wisdom, while case studies help you to put theory into practice.

This new edition of Clinical Skills is now more useful than ever in your preparation for finals. Each chapter ends with a short set of assesment questions and a section on how the system in question is tested in OSCEs. Even better, the chapter on finals has been expanded and updated to give more practical advice than ever before.

Written in plain English and designed to demystify even the most daunting procedures, Clinical Skills, Second Edition is the ultimate all-round textbook to help you hone your skills and prepare for finals.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction, T. A. Roper and Niall Cox
2. Clinical settings, T. A. Roper
3. Core aspects of history taking, T. A. Roper and NIall Cox
4. Cardiovascular system, T. A. Roper
5. Respiratory system, Niall Cox
6. Neurological examination, Richard Gale, Anita Sainsbury, Aravamuthan Sreedharan and Niall Cox
7. Abdominal examination, T. A. Roper
8. Rectal examination, T. A. Roper
9. Genitourinary system, Helen Parker-Bray, Sian Griffiths and Harriet Wallace
10. Breast examination, Keiran Horgan and T. A. Roper
11. Neck examination, T. A. Roper
12. Joints, Chris Gale and T. A. Roper
13. Spot diagnosis, T. A. Roper
14. Examination of the child, Nicola Holme, Ruchi Gulati, Chakrapani Vasudevan, Catriona McKeating and Amanda Peacock
15. Chest x-ray, Chris Gale
16. Finals, Harveer Dev and James Masters

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ISBN: 9780199574926
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2014
Cover: paperback
Pages: 576
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