Clinical Neurology: From the Classroom to the Exam Room

by Jeffrey W Clark, Jim Abel (Illustrator)
  • Soft Cover
This book takes a novel approach to fundamental neurology that bridges the gap between the classroom and the patient encounter: it teaches students and residents how to arrive at a presumptive diagnosis in an efficient manner. Beginning with the initial approach to the neurologic patient, the book directs the reader in getting relevant information from the history and neurologic examination. A NeurAxis chart and a What Could the Problem Be_#063_ chapter help the reader make sense of the history and examination findings and quickly consider the diagnostic possibilities. Case studies encourage readers to apply this approach to real patients. =Doody's Core Title Review: "Any student entering a neurology ward rotation would benefit from carrying this book after reading it. The book stresses many points I find myself repeating to students on the rotations about how to examine and present patients. It is slim and easy to reference for the last minute queries before rounds start. It is more compact, and focuses more closely on the exam, than the many other pocket guides available. While it should not be used as the main text for learning neurology, it is a helpful guide that can be used daily." Jessica Brand Kraker, MD(University of Maryland School of Medicine) =Table Of Contents Abbreviations Your Approach to The Neurologic Patient (Where Do You Start_#063_) The Clinical History (Getting The Important Information You Need Efficiently) The Neurologic Examination (Be Precise and Keep It Simple!) The NeurAxis Chart (Putting It All Together) What Could The Problem Be_#063_ (Quickly Consider the Possibilities) Case Studies (Apply the Approach to Some Real Patients) References Appendix A: Your Examination At a Glance (Quick Reference) Appendix B: The NeurAxis Chart (Quick Reference) Appendix C: Did You Know_#063_
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ISBN: 9780781773959
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health
Publication Date: Jan 6, 2007
Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 128
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