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`Review from previous edition 'Although no textbook can be regarded as an alternative to supervised training, this introduction to orthodontics is a well laid out and easy to follow book that is full of useful information for dental undergraduates, dentists with an interest in orthodontics and specialists in related fields such as paediatric dentistry.' ' International Journal of Pediatric Dentistry

`'This is a very affordable text, which should definitely be on the bookshelves of students as well as those general dental practitioners who wish to be aware of current concepts in orthodontics.' ' Dental Practice

`'The first edition of An Introduction to Orthodontics became a popular textbook, being recommended for undergraduates and general practitioners with an interest in Orthodontics. Its concise, easily read and understood layout is repeated in the second edition... The problem with a book entitled 'An Introduction' is the level at which the information is pitched and the amount to be included. However, the book has achieved the right balance.' ' Dental Update

`'It is the sort of book that benefits from being read from start to finish by the undergraduate as it covers everything (and more) that they will need for their exams... Anyone who is looking for contemporary orthodontic information suitable for undergraduates and general dental practitioners will find everything they need in this book. It should be available in every dental school library.' ' Journal of Orthodontics
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Popular with thousands of students and clinicians, this book is the established introduction to the study and practice of orthodontics. With the increased demand for, and expansion of orthodontic services, this third edition has been updated to provide a comprehensive orientation to current thinking and practice for dental students and dental care professionals.
Coverage ranges from the anatomical features leading to assessment, through cephalometrics and treatment planning for all classes of patient. Modern appliance options are reflected, as well as the demand for adult orthodontics, and innovations in surgical orthodontics.
The ultimate resource for those new to the study of orthodontics, the book also serves as a launch-pad for those intending to specialise, and as an aid to interdisciplinary management of the dentition for general dental practitioners, paediatric dentists and other specialists.

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ISBN: 9780198568124
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: Jan 9, 2007
Cover: softcover
Pages: 288
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