Advanced Operative Dentistry: A Practical Approach

by David Ricketts (Editor) , David Bartlett (Editor)
  • Softcover

Advanced Operative Dentistry: A Practical Approach is a brand new volume that addresses the use of fixed prosthodontics in a single handy reference source.

Prepared by editors and contributors of international renown, this volume places unique emphasis on the biological basis of effective treatment planning by describing the diagnosis, aetiology, risk assessment and preventive management of diseases and disorders and how these factors are integral to predictable long-term patient outcomes.

Advanced Operative Dentistry: A Practical Approach also gives clear advice on the selection and use of modern dental materials and describes how teeth are prepared - and to what extent - for indirect restorations such as crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays. The book also explores the use of complex indirect fixed prosthodontics which brings with it specific issues of restoration design, retention and occlusal management. Recognising that great deal of emphasis is placed on aesthetic dentistry by patient and dentist alike, this text also discusses factors which can impact upon aesthetics and how the aesthetic demands of patients can be met in a realistic and ethical manner.

Clearly written and fully illustrated throughout, this practical step-by-step guide will be ideal for undergraduate dental students, vocational trainees and practitioners undertaking post-graduate exams.

• Prepared by editors and contributors of international renown

• Contains an abundance of full colour, clinical illustrations to show the results that can be achieved in real life

• Describes how to achieve the best appearance in order to meet increasing patient expectations

• Discusses the use of fixed prosthodontics in one volume and how fixed and removable prosthodontics can be integrated

• Gives unique emphasis on the preventative, biological approach to the use of fixed prosthodontics in order to ensure positive long-term treatment outcomes

• Clearly illustrates why aspects of tooth preparation are necessary and how the construction of restorations influences their fit

• Provides an integrated, multidisciplinary step-by-step guide to the provision of indirect fixed restorations

• Provides guidance on effective communication with laboratory staff to ensure high-quality tooth preparation

• Describes the correct handling of materials and restorations when being fitted

• Presents the latest findings regarding the use of contemporary materials and techniques - such as the use of Expasyl, Protemp temporary crowns, CAD and CAM crowns

• Comprehensive coverage of the subject area makes cross-referencing to other books unnecessary

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ISBN: 9780702031267
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
Publication Date: Jan 6, 2011
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