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The Science of Paediatrics: MRCPCH Mastercourse

  • Author : Tom Lissauer
  • ISBN : 9780702063138
  • Cover Type : Paperback
  • Pages : 824
  • Pub. Date : Apr 2016
  • Manufacturer: Elsevier
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This book is “innovative and original in assisting the reader


to apply the principles of science to paediatric practice”.



Professor Neena Modi, President, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.


The Science of Paediatrics, MRCPCH Mastercourse, provides essential background preparation for the MRCPCH Theory and Science examination. It contains an up-to-date review of the application of science to everyday paediatric clinical practice, whether it is interpreting clinical signs or investigations, prescribing drugs or identifying best management. Although this understanding is essential in order to make informed clinical decisions, it is diffi cult to obtain as it is not usually covered in clinical textbooks.


Key features


• MRCPCH exam-format questions embedded in each chapter to


test understanding


• Emphasis on embryology to explain many congenital abnormalities


• An overview of the relevant anatomy and physiology


• Focus on the application and interpretation of investigations


• Examples of recent advances in science and clinical research that have


benefi tted the children’s care


• All clinical specialties covered by paediatric specialists.


• Chapters covering evidence-based paediatrics, statistics, ethics and


quality improvement.

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