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Lecture Notes: Dermatology, 11th Edition

  • Author : Robin Graham-Brown, Karen Harman, Graham Johnston
  • ISBN : 9781118887776
  • Cover Type : Paperback
  • Pages : 224
  • Pub. Date : Aug 2016
  • Manufacturer: Wiley-Blackwell
  • Shipping Weight : 1.0900

A very well written introductory dermatology text with excellent clinical photographs and diagrams. We would highly recommend this for those wishing to grasp the basic concepts in dermatology.” British Journal of Dermatology

Dermatology Lecture Notes presents an accessible overview of skin structure and function, along with the practical aspects of disease management. Now in its 11th edition, it has been thoroughly updated to focus on recent advances in the knowledge of skin diseases and their treatment. It combines readability with high quality illustrations, and is the ideal guide for new comers to the specialty as well as those more advanced in their studies.

Key features include:

• An overview of the basics of skin structure and function, as well as practical aspects of disease management
• Excellent clinical photographs, diagrams and histological images
• Newly expanded and updated sections on benign skin tumours, viruses, emergency dermatology (skin failure in particular) and vascular disorders
• Includes a companion website at featuring self-assessment and case studies
With beautiful colour artwork throughout, Dermatology Lecture Notes includes a glossary of dermatological terms, and provides an excellent balance between theory and clinical relevance.

Table of Contents
Preface, vi
Acknowledgements, vii
About the companion website, viii
1 Structure and function of the skin, hair and nails, 1
2 Approach to the diagnosis of dermatological disease, 10
3 Emergency dermatology, 20
4 Bacterial and viral infections, 24
5 Fungal infections, 35
6 Ectoparasite infections, 44
7 Acne, acneiform eruptions and rosacea, 54
8 Eczema, 63
9 Psoriasis, 73
10 Benign and malignant skin tumours, 83
11 Naevi, 99
12 Inherited disorders, 106
13 Pigmentary disorders, 114
14 Disorders of the hair and nails, 119
15 Bullous disorders, 127
16 Miscellaneous erythematous and papulosquamous disorders, and light ]induced skin diseases, 137
17 Vascular disorders, 149
18 Connective tissue diseases, 156
19 Pruritus, 164
20 Systemic disease and the skin, 169
21 Skin and the psyche, 178
22 Cutaneous drug reactions, 183
23 Treatment of skin disease, 189
Glossary of dermatological terms, 197
Index, 202

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